PRODUCT – Add New (Variable Products)

Adding new products 📦

Once you click on the “Add New” button, you’ll be directed to this page.  

1) Product Classifier. Click this dropdown and select the classification for your product. For new sellers, we recommend leaving this as a SIMPLE product. However, most sellers will offer products or services with multiple variations (e.g. sizes, colours and other)

Variable Product: select this classification if your product has different variations or sizes.


You’ll then scroll to the ATTRIBUTE tab and tick the variant you’d like to add to the product – e.g. SIZE attribute (S, M, L, XL) or COLOUR. You can also add custom attributes (variations) to your product (Add -> Name -> Define values -> enable “used for variations” -> Save). Be sure to tick the “Active” box, and these attributes will appear on your product listing.


Once you’ve created the Attribute, click on the VARIATIONS button and you’ll be able to edit each variation, change pricing, images and more. 


§  Enable – Enable or disable the variation.

§  Downloadable – If this a downloadable variation. If Checked, you’ll need to define:

o   Downloadable Files – Shows if Downloadable is selected. Add file(s) for customers to download.

o   Download Limit – Shows if Downloadable is selected. Set how many times a customer can download the file(s). Leave blank for unlimited.

o   Download Expiry – Shows if Downloadable is selected. Set the number of days before a download expires after purchase.

§  Virtual – If this product isn’t physical or shipped, shipping settings are removed.

§  Image: You can add an image to the variation by clicking the image placeholder.

§  Regular Price (required) – Set the price for this variation.

§  Sale Price (optional) – Set a price for this variation when on sale.

§  Tax class – Tax class for this variation. Useful if you are offering variations spanning different tax bands.

§  Bulk Editing: You can bulk-edit variations by selecting the specific piece of data you want from the dropdown.


By Clicking the “MANAGE STOCK” button, you can also manage inventory for products on a variation level.

·       SKU – If you use SKUs, set the SKU or leave blank to use the product’s SKU.

·       Stock quantity – Shows if Manage stock? is selected. Allows to set the current stock level for the variation.

·       Manage Stock? – Tick the box to manage stock at the variation level.

·       Stock Quantity – Shows if Manage Stock is selected. Input the quantity. Stock for the specific variation, or left blank to use the product’s stock settings.

·       Allow Backorders – Choose how to handle backorders.

·       If the SKU, weight, dimensions, and stock fields are not set, then it inherits values assigned to the variable product. Price fields must be set per variation.

·       Shipping

o   Weight – Weight for the variation, or left blank to use the product’s weight.

o   Dimensions – Height, width and length for the variation, or left blank to use the product’s dimensions.

o   Shipping class – Shipping class can affect shipping. Only set this if it differs from the product.


REMEMBER – if you make any changes on your store manager – you must press SUBMIT! If you’d rather keep them for review, push draft and come back to later.

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