2.11.1  Listings claiming to provide government services and related products are strictly prohibited. Examples include:   Official government-issued identification documents, such as birth certificates, driving licenses, passports and visas   Completed applications for the abovementioned documents   Any materials, equipment or processes designed for use in the production of government-issued identification documents (e.g. driving license holograms, passport booklets).   The offering for sale or purchase of textile quota is prohibited.


2.11.2     The listing or sale of any form of invoices or receipts (including blank, pre-filled, or value added invoices or receipts), is strictly prohibited on the Site.


2.11.3    Getlion prohibits listings that offer financial services, including money transfers, issuing bank guarantees and letters of credit, loans, fundraising and funding for person investment purposes, etc.


2.11.4      Getlion prohibits listings for the sole purpose of collecting user information or raising money.


2.11.5     Listings that offer medical or healthcare services, including services for medical treatment, rehabilitation, vaccination, health checks, psychological counseling, dietetics, plastic surgery and massage are prohibited.


2.11.6     The posting or sale of bulk email or mailing lists that contain personally identifiable information including names, addresses, phone numbers, fax numbers and email addresses, is strictly prohibited. Also prohibited are software or other tools which are designed or used to send unsolicited commercial email (i.e. “spam”).


2.11.7     Job postings from which a factory/company/institute may directly recruit employees are prohibited on the Site.


2.11.8     Getlion is an online business to business information platform serving buyers and sellers; Overtly personal and non-business information is prohibited at the discretion of getlion and its representatives.


2.11.9     Non-transferable items may not be posted or sold through Getlion. Many items including lottery tickets, airline tickets and some event tickets may not be resold or transferred.


2.11.10     Illegal or Fraudulent services;


2.11.11      Copyright Infringement, Trademark Infringement, and violation of a third party’s terms of service reported to getlion;


2.11.12     Adult oriented services, Pornographic, Inappropriate/Obscene;


2.11.13      Reselling of regulated goods;


2.11.14     Offering to prepare academic works on behalf of Buyers;


2.11.15     Services that are prohibited by any laws, regulations, and/or third parties’ terms of service, as well as through any marketing activity that negatively affects our relationships with our users or partners.