3.1. eBOOKS

3.1.1      An “eBook” means an electronic book  capable of being opened and read on your PC or Mac computer using Adobe Digital Editions software (“Adobe Reader”), and on certain other mobile hardware devices (such as iphones and android)


3.1.2      You will not be able to read eBooks on devices that do not support the Reader Applications, therefore check your device prior to purchasing an eBook.


3.1.3      Even if a device supports the Reader Applications, eBooks will only be able to be read on such devices that you have associated with your profile in the relevant Reader Application. If you have not registered additional devices with one of the Reader Applications, you will only be able to read the eBook on the device onto which it was first downloaded.


3.1.4      You will need to be connected to the internet when you download an eBook and open it for the first time.  On subsequent openings of the eBook, you will not need to be connected to the internet, provided you are opening the eBook from the device on which you first downloaded and opened the eBook.


3.1.5      When ordering an eBook, you will be ordering the right to download such eBook from the relevant publisher and consequently, if the Third Party accepts your order, delivery will take place electronically via the internet as described below. Getlion is not responsible for invalid links or transactions.


3.1.6      When your order is accepted and upon receipt or confirmation of payment, the Link to the relevant eBook from the relevant eBook publisher and deliver such Link to you in your ‘my account profile” The speed of delivery of a Link will depend on a variety of factors, most of which are internet related and beyond certain control factors. However, as a guide only, delivery should occur within a few seconds, but can also take up to a number of hours. You will be able to access and click on the Link at any time following delivery thereof to you, subject to certain restrictions. 


3.1.7      So as to reduce the risk of fraud, eBook publishers limit the number of times any Link can be clicked before access to the Link is blocked. You will be able to click on such Link at least once, but acknowledge that access to the Link may become blocked after your first click so as to prevent fraud;


3.1.8      The Link will not appear if you have removed it, or it has been removed pursuant to your having ‘returned’ the eBook (if possible in accordance with Third Party’s Returns Policy pertaining to eBooks from time to time);


3.1.9      Getlion does not guarantee that Third Party’s or eBook publishers will make their eBooks available for download indefinitely and getlion accepts no responsibility or liability to you or any other person if, upon your accessing and clicking the Link, the relevant eBook publisher no longer has the eBook available for download via such Link.


3.1.10   All eBooks are the exclusive property of the publisher or its licensors and are protected by copyright and other intellectual property laws. The download of eBooks is intended for your personal and non-commercial use. Any other use of eBooks purchased from us is strictly prohibited. You may not modify, transmit, publish, participate in the transfer or sale of, reproduce, create derivative works from, distribute, perform, display, or in any way exploit, any of the content of eBooks, in whole or in part, and more specifically, you will not print, copy, or ‘lend’ eBooks to any other person. You may also not do anything which otherwise contravenes any licence conditions imposed by the publisher, as described on the relevant eBook’s product detail page. These aforementioned prohibitions are hereinafter referred to as “Illegal Activities”.


3.1.11   By downloading any eBook, you hereby acknowledge and agree to these Terms and Conditions. You hereby undertake that you shall not do nor try to do any of the Illegal Activities. You hereby indemnify Getlion from any and all loss, damage, or expense it may suffer or from claims which may be made by third parties against getlion which arise from or in relation to your having participated in any Illegal Activities in relation to any eBook sold by Third Parties on the getlion marketplace platform.