5. Payment

1.    We are committed to providing secure online payment facilities through
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2.    All transactions are encrypted using appropriate encryption technology. Kindly also refer to the terms and conditions available on Truzo (Pty) Ltd’s website.

3.    Buyers can make payment using Credit Cards, Traditional EFT or Instant EFT. If there is any chargeback or reversal of any payment requested by a payment service partner, Seller agrees that getlion has the right to refund the money so requested by the payment service partner without liability to Seller.  Getlion will use reasonable efforts to assist you in participating in the dispute resolution process of the relevant payment service partners.  However, if the participation in the dispute resolution process is subject to additional fees, this will be at your own cost only.

4.    When Products or Services are for sale a Seller, and a buyer places an order via the website, payment can be made using Truzo. Upon initial registration to the getlion Marketplace, users are required to register with Truzo in order to make and receive payments via the website. By proceeding with registration, users thereby agree to their Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy (governing the processing of user data). Please refer to Truzo.com during this registration process, and prior to concluding a transaction.

5.    Kindly also refer to the privacy policy on Truzo (Pty) Ltd’s website in respect of the processing of your personal banking information.