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This is a mandatory/compulsory requirement.


Inspection Days: Once you’ve delivered your product or service, these are the number of days that the buyer is allowed to inspect your delivery (and request revisions if applicable) before payment will be released to you (the seller). 

The inspection days are there to give the buyer enough time to check that they are happy with the goods or service they received. Once you (the seller) click DELIVERED on Truzo, the clock starts ticking on the inspection days. When the inspection days are over, the money is automatically paid to your Truzo account.  We recommend default days of TWO, but certain products can be approved immediately. In the instance of other purchases like a car, the buyer may need FIVE days so they can get a mechanic to do check of the vehicle. 


REMEMBER – if you make any changes on your store manager – you must press SUBMIT! If you’d rather keep them for review, push draft and come back to later.