13. Cancellation & Refunds

1.    Please NOTE: In the event of a refund, Buyers must follow the refund process as prescribed on Truzo.com and in point 13 (12) below.

2.    Once the Buyer makes payment for the order, the transaction is formalized and the Seller is obliged to deliver by the agreed deadline.

3.    A Buyer may cancel an order without consequence, provided this is done BEFORE they make payment for the order – and can be done directly via Truzo, the Website or via the in-site messenger/Inbox. See clause 13 (12) below.

4.    If a transaction is cancelled (for any reason) after payment has been made, and the refund is initiated, the funds will be returned to the Buyer’s Truzo wallet, less the value of the Administration an Payment Protection Fee. The Buyer’s “Administration and Payment Protection Fee” incurred on placement of their order, equal to 3.40% (ex VAT), is NON-REFUNDABLE.

5.    If the Buyer requests to cancel the order after payment has been made – and the Seller has already commenced delivery (e.g., work/production/shipping has begun) – it remains at the Seller’s discretion to approve the cancellation and initiate the refund.

6.    THE FOLLOWING EXCEPTIONS APPLY to clause 13 (5) whereby the cancellation/refund request is due to error/fault of the Seller:

1.    In the event that the Seller fails to ship/transfer/deliver the goods/services within the specified time period upon which the Buyer and Seller have mutually agreed,

2.    The Seller is at fault/error with respect to the delivery or has delivered sub-standard to what was advertised,

3.    The Seller has approved the order IN ERROR, but the Seller is unable to fulfill the order based on stock availability, or an inability to deliver the service that was ordered.

7.    In the above scenarios (13(6)) – as the responsibility falls on the Seller to maintain accurate listings, fulfill orders to the standards and timelines advertised/agreed, and only approve orders that they can deliver on – if the parties are unable to reach agreement on a revised delivery date/order specification that the Buyer approves of, then the Seller will be required to initiate the refund and reimburse the Buyer the full value of the Administration and Payment Protection Fee, either by direct payment to the Buyer, or via issuing a credit for a future purchase from the Seller’s store, in the form of a discount/coupon code equivalent to the full value of the Administration and Payment Protection Fee. The option of reimbursement is at the discretion of the Seller.

8.    In the instance that the Seller is unable to reimburse the Buyer or offer them a credit (e.g., the Seller’s business has closed down, the product is indefinitely unavailable, or the Seller is indefinitely unable to render a service) then the Buyer may approach getlion and/or Truzo for assistance. Neither party guarantees 100% reimbursement of the fee but endeavors to assist the Buyer where possible.

9.    Should the buyer and seller be unable to reach a resolution, they will be required to follow the dispute resolution policy per clause 14.

10. If the refund is approved, the Buyer will have the option to either withdraw the funds from their Truzo Waller or allocate/fund another transaction with the same/different seller.

11. In the event of a cancellation after the funds have been received, or rejection of goods and/or services, getlion will not receive any fees unless otherwise stipulated in the Escrow Agreement.

12. To cancel an order and request a refund, parties are recommended to follow the following process:  

1.    Parties ought to contact one another and indicate the intention to  cancel the order and be refunded. A reason must be provided for the request. This contact can be via the Marketplace Chat facility on the Seller’s store page, by submitting an inquiry, or by adding a note to your order. Making contact will allow the Seller to review the refund request.  If the request satisfies their refund policy and they agree to cancel, proceed to step 2. 

2.    Request a refund on Truzo™️.


 Login to Truzo via your account dashboard and select the transaction you wish to refund. 

 Click “Transaction History” -> “Transaction Status” and click DISPUTE TRANSACTION.

 Indicate the reason for the dispute, the required course of action = REFUND and then SUBMIT DISPUTE. 

– Both parties will be notified of request and prompted to approve

3.    Your refund will be paid to your Truzo wallet within 48hours, whereafter you can return this to your bank account OR hold your Truzo balance for a future purchase. In accordance with getlion’s Terms & Conditions, your refund will be LESS the value of the Buyer Protection and Administration Fee of 3.40% (ex VAT).


All refund requests must be made before the end of the INSPECTION PERIOD stipulated on your order. If a buyer fails to request a refund before the end of the inspection period, payment for the order will be automatically released to the Seller by Truzo™ and it then remains at the Seller’s discretion to process the request outside of the getlion™ Marketplace thereafter.


Per clause 13 (7) above, if the cancellation is due to Seller error or inability to deliver post-acceptance and subsequent payment by the Buyer, the Seller) is required to issue the Buyer a STORE CREDIT in the form of a unique coupon code, equal in value to the Payment Protection and Admin Fee deducted.


Sellers are provided a template of this policy document, but this should not be construed as legal advice or binding upon getlion.