17. Deals and Discounted listings

1.    From time to time, certain Products and Services may be offered at discounted/sale prices as part of a Deal or any other temporary deal which are explained below (each a “Deal”). These will be subject to certain conditions (as set out in these Terms and/or the Website), which define the scope of the Deal. If you buy a product within the scope of a Deal, you will pay the discounted price for that product or service (the “Deal Price”).

2.    However, if you buy a product or service in a manner that falls outside of the scope of a Deal, then you will pay the then current (non-Deal) selling price on the Website (the “Normal Price”), for each product or service that falls outside the scope of the Deal.

3.    For example: if you buy more than one product in a Daily Deal, you will pay the Deal Price for the first product, but the Normal Price for all products thereafter. Alternatively, if you buy a product in combination with any other products that together do not constitute a Bundle Deal, you will pay the Normal Price for all such products falling outside the scope of the relevant Deal.

4.    Deals of the Day:

·      At our discretion and or the discretion of Sellers, Deals of the Day (“Deals”) are available daily from 12am – 23:59pm on week days and from 9am – 23:59pm on weekends. In addition, please note that Todays Deals may have a stock or capacity limit and may expire earlier if this runs out.

·      Specific savings are not guaranteed. The extent of the Todays Deal or discount is at the sole discretion of getlion and or the Third Party.

·      Adding a “Todays Deal” to your cart or completing your order for a Todays Deal without paying for it, does not reserve the item for you. getlion and or the Seller must receive payment for the order (i.e. the order must be “funded”) to the Truzo account for a Todays Deal, otherwise you may forfeit your order. As such, Stock/Capacity will be reserved for customers in the order in payment is received. Therefore if you pay via EFT, you might not get your item because the Escrow account may only receive payment from you a few days later, and in the meantime the Todays Deal might sell out to customers paying immediately.