ORDERS – Add New


You have the option to create a custom order for buyers that don’t place an order directly through the Marketplace, OR they submit an inquiry with you via your store page that has unique requirements. You will receive these inquiries in your inbox, and be notified on your store manager. 


1) Custom Orders: Sellers will usually create custom orders based on wholesale pricing, higher volume, or unique time requirements. For project-based services, sellers will select a product (priced for an hour or hourly package) and multiply this by the quantity of hours required by the client (e.g. a web developer has a product listed at R400 per hour and anticipates the project will require 8 hours = seller will select the product and enter “8” as the quantity. 

2) Add New Customer: Your customer DOES NOT have to be registered on the Marketplace to receive a custom order from your store. By creating a custom order, it will send an email link to your buyer, that when clicked, will redirect them to the Marketplace and allow them to add the custom order to their cart. They will be required to register and be verified with Truzo before making payment. 

3) Products: Select the product from your store that you would like to create an order for, and indicate the quantity (volume) to meet your customers request. 


REMEMBER – if you make any changes on your store manager – you must press SUBMIT! If you’d rather keep them for review, push draft and come back to later.