Coupons (also known as discount vouchers or promo codes) are one of the most effective ways to create demand from buyers and increase your sales. You can use coupons to offer discounts over certain spend amounts, for a “limited time only”, or to create demand around a specific season (e.g. Black Friday or Christmas). 


1) Coupon List: The coupons tab gives you sight of all the coupons that you issue and re actively running. Here you can track each coupon, the unique coupon code, amount, usage limit (how many times it can be used by customers before it expires), the expiry date and any action you wish to take. 

2) Add New: You also have the option to create a new coupon for whenever you wish. 


REMEMBER – if you make any changes on your store manager – you must press SUBMIT! If you’d rather keep them for review, push draft and come back to later.