SETTINGS – Shipping


If you ship or deliver physical products, then your shipping settings are critically important, as they will set the criteria and policies for any buyer that purchases from your store. At the top of the screen, there is a “Progress Bar” indicating what percent of general store settings you have successfully completed. Do your best to action these as soon as possible and reach 100%.


1) Enable Shipping If you intend to ship any physical products, please tick this button. It will create a dropdown menu of other items you’ll need to action. 

– Processing Time: This is the amount of time required for your to prepare the product/order, prior to shipping it to the customer. 

Shipping Type: By Clicking the dropdown, you will be able to select “Shipping by Distance”  


2) Shipping by distance

– Default Cost: This is your standard shipping price for orders that are placed via your online store. This will be added to the customers order total on checkout. 

– Maximum Distance: Leave this “0” to set no limit. The Marketplace is currently only available to customers in South Africa, so your shipping policy should allow national deliveries (where possible). 

Free Shipping: This is the amount that a customer must spend to qualify for free shipping. Leave this blank if you wish to disable free shipping. 


3) Local Pickup: In the instance that you don’t want to incur the shipping cost, you may offer your customers the options of collecting their purchase from your premises direct. You are also allowed to set a pickup cost, as arranging this may cost you time and money. 


4) Distance-Cost Rules: This allows you to set shipping price rules relative to distance. Example: You may allow local delivery (same city) at a cheaper price than national delivery (another city). You can set these rules here and the price will be automatically added to the order total on checkout.  


REMEMBER – if you make any changes on your store manager – you must press SUBMIT! If you’d rather keep them for review, push draft and come back to later.