BUYING – How to place and manager an order

1) METHOD 1: If the Seller lists a product or service and you’d like to purchase it as described, then simply hover over the product and ADD TO CART.


2) METHOD 2: If you would like to purchase a Seller’s product/service, but have unique requirements (e.g. higher quantity, wholesale pricing or quicker delivery deadline), you also have the option to “REQUEST A QUOTE”. You will contact the Seller beforehand, and submit a custom request on the Seller’s store page. You will need to outline exactly what you need, including: Price, Deadline, Number of Revisions (changes/corrections) and Inspection Days (the number of days required to review the delivered order). Once you’ve decided on a proposal, the Seller will send you a “CUSTOM ORDER LINK” via email. Simply click on the link, and add the custom order to your cart. 




1) Add the product to your cart. 


2) Hover over your cart and click “Checkout”


3) Log in to your getlion™️ and Truzo™️ accounts. If you aren’t registered with getlion, or have not been verified by Truzo, you will need to complete these steps before being able to place your order. 


3) Enter your billing and shipping details.


4) Add any coupon codes to redeem a discount (if applicable).


5) Place your order. NOTE: This automatically creates an order request on the Marketplace/Truzo that is sent to the Seller. However, you will only make payment if/when the Seller accepts your order on Truzo. Once payment is made, the order is formally recognised and a transaction is created. 


6) The Seller is notified of the order by email and via Truzo.


7) The Seller is prompted to approve or deny the order on Truzo, based on their stock or availability. We require Sellers to confirm orders BEFORE you (the Buyer) makes payment, to avoid disappointment or disputes should delivery not be possible. 


8) Once approved, you (the Buyer) will receive an email instructing you to make payment. The buyer makes payment to Truzo and not the Seller – see “How Payments Work” for more. Once payment is made, the Seller is notified on Truzo. 


9) The Seller will proceed to deliver the order by the stipulated date. Once delivered, the Seller will click the “DELIVER” button on Truzo. 


10) You (the Buyer) will have a pre-determined number of days (known as “inspection days”) to review the order and if necessary, request an exchange (subject to the Seller’s store policies).


11) If satisfied, you (the Buyer) will approve the order by clicking the “RELEASE” button on Truzo. This will release payment to the Seller. Note: If you do not approve the order within the inspection period, the order will be approved automatically and payment will be released to the Seller.


12) On completion of the order, you (the Buyer) has the opportunity to submit a review of your purchase and the Seller.