PAYMENT – Using Escrow (by Truzo™️)

Escrow is a simple, financial arrangement where a licensed third party securely holds the funds of a transaction on behalf of a buyer and seller, and only releases payment when both parties deliver on their end of the deal. Please see “How Payment Works“.

1) Buyer places an order on the Marketplace, automatically creating a transaction on Truzo. 

2) Seller approves the transaction. 

3) Buyer makes payment to Truzo. 

4) Seller delivers the contents of the order to the Buyer.

5) Buyer reviews and if satisfied, approves the order. 

6) Payment released to Seller by Truzo. 

Truzo™️ is the official payments partner of the getlion™️ marketplace, and is a leading escrow provider regulated in South Africa and the UK. When completing your purchase, you’ll be able to pay with a Credit/Debit Card, Manual EFT or Instant EFT (Ozow™️). You’ll signup with Truzo™️ when registering your account, make payment and manage your order through Truzo’s easy-to-use online platform. This can be accessed directly on your Marketplace account dashboard.