PAYMENT – Buyer “Protection and Administration” Fee

Prior to completing your payment, we add a small charge to the quoted seller’s price. This charge covers Payment Protection and Platform Administration and is equal to 3.40% (ex VAT) of your order total.


1) A Buyer places a R100 order with a Seller.

2) The Buyer Fee (plus VAT) is added to the value of the transaction, taking the total to R103.91.

3) If the order is accepted by the Seller, the Buyer makes payment for the total R103.91

4) In the event of a refund, the Buyer Fee is non-refundable. In the above example, the buyer will be returned R100 to their Truzo wallet. Please see “Requesting a Refund” for more information. 

The Payment Protection and Administration Fee ensures that 1) your payment is protected using Escrow (from Truzo™️ – see “How Payments work”), 2) processing of your chosen payment method, and 3) it helps us operate our platform and offer ongoing support for your order.