MANAGING MY SERVICES ORDER – Delivery, Tracking & Receipt

Services are non-physical offerings that are being delivered by the seller to the buyer on the getlion™️ Marketplace. They are tied to skills and expertise, and rely on the abilities of the seller to fulfil the order (E.g. graphic design, app development, electrician or builder).



When placing your order, be sure to outline the specific details, deadlines and requirements of the seller, and review their policies. For regular updates, the seller will message you directly on our platform. You can view these conversations on your dashboard, under INQUIRIES or INBOX. We recommend keeping all communication on our platform, so that you have a record in the event of a dispute. Alternatively, you can check Truzo™️ for regular updates on the delivery of the service.



Once the seller has delivered the service, you will have to review and approve the quality of their work within the specified number of INSPECTION DAYS, in accordance with your order. Don’t forget, the seller doesn’t get paid until you approve delivery! If you fail to approve the delivery by the end of the inspection period, the payment will be automatically released to the Seller. To approve delivery – simply log in Truzo™️ via your Marketplace account, find the transaction relating to your order, and click RELEASE.

Once released, head back to the marketplace and leave a review for the seller. This helps the Seller improve their offering.