MANAGING A PRODUCT ORDER – Shipping, tracking and delivery

Please read this in conjunction with “SELLING – Receiving and handling an order” above. 

Products are physical items sold by your businesses on the getlion™️ marketplace, E.g. Clothing, Food and Manufactured items. These will require physical delivery by you or your appointed courier. In the instance that an item is made-to-order, you will inform your Buyer of the delivery deadline upfront. 



As a Seller, you are responsible for the fulfilment/delivery/courier of any products you choose to sell on the getlion™️ marketplace. That’s why you must ensure that your Shipping policy is UP-TO-DATE. On placing an order, Buyers will take note of your delivery/shipping policy and any additional charges that they apply. You can set your Shipping charges and criteria through the SHIPPING tab on your Store Manager. For a shipping policy template, click here.



If you choose to use an external courier service, you are required to send the Buyer a tracking number for their order once it leaves your premises. You can do this by UPDATING THE ORDER NOTES – and the Buyer will be notified by email. You can also provide regular updates to your Buyer by messaging them directly on the Chat Box. You can view these conversations on your dashboard, under INQUIRIES or CHAT INBOX. We recommend keeping all communication on our platform, so that you have a record in the event of a dispute. Alternatively, you can use and check Truzo to issue updates and track the status of the order. 



Once you’re ready to deliver the product, you must notify the Buyer and update the order notes with a tracking number (if you’re using an external courier). As soon as the product arrives at their address, log into Truzo via your Store Manager, find the transaction in question, then click the DELIVER button to update the order status.


The Buyer will then have to review and approve the delivery within the specified number of INSPECTION DAYS, in accordance with the order. The Seller (you) is only paid once the Buyer approves delivery. If they fail to approve this and release the funds before the end of the inspection period, the payment will be automatically released to the you (the Seller). 

Once released, the Buyer will be promoted to review their purchase on the Marketplace, which will help you improve and promote your offering to other Buyers. for the seller. This helps them improve their offering.