SELLING – Promoting my store

Once you’ve setup your online store, updated your policies, listed your products/services and are successfully verified by Truzo™️, you’re ready to start attracting potential buyers. 

Over-and-above generating your own “off-Marketplace” customer traffic (e.g. social media and traditional marketing), you can use the below methods to promote your listings to customers on the Marketplace itself. 

1) Discount Codes/Coupons are a great way to create increase demand for your offers. “Free Shipping” over a certain amount or within a certain delivery radius, or discounts that correspond with popular trends (e.g.Valentines day or Christmas) are a great way to push offline traffic to your online store. You can create and configure these on the “Coupons” tab of your store manager. 


2) Sales and “Deals of the Day” are another effective method to enhance demand for your offers. You can configure these on through the PRODUCT TAB on your Store Manager, target specific products or a define the length of time for which they will run. By enabling “Deal of the Day” on your offering, your product/service will be listed on our the Marketplace Home Page – and has a higher chance of being seen by customers organically.