SELLING – How to communicate with Buyers

If a buyer needs to contact you before or after purchase, there are three ways for them to do so: 

1) Chat message through the Marketplace messenger. If you are online, you will be able to communicate through a live chat bot. If not, the message will be saved as an “offline message” and can be viewed via the CHAT BOX tab. 


2) By submitting an Inquiry, if a buyer has specific requirements for an order, they will ask you for a custom quote. This will create a conversation in your chat box, and you can respond accordingly. You will be notified via email if a buyer submits an inquiry. 


3) Add a note to an existing order. For conversations related to an existing order, navigate to the ORDERS tab, open the relevant order, and add a note where applicable. The Buyer will be notified of this. You can also use this method to update the Buyer with respect to their order progress and a delivery tracking number (if relevant).