SELLING – Receiving and fulfilling an order

1) Buyer places an order. NOTE: This automatically creates an order request on the Marketplace/Truzo that is sent to the Seller. However, you (the Seller) have to accept the order on Truzo before the Buyer can make payment. This gives you an opportunity to reject the order if you are unable to meet the quantity, deadline or other details required by the Buyer.  Only if/when the Seller accepts the order on Truzo, and payment is made, is the order is formally recognised and a transaction is created.

2) The Seller is notified of the order by email and via Truzo.


3) The Seller is prompted to approve or deny the order on Truzo, based on their stock or availability. Sellers are required to confirm orders BEFORE the Buyer makes, to avoid disappointment or disputes should delivery not be possible. 


4) Once approved, the Buyer will receive an email instructing them to make payment. The buyer makes payment to Truzo and not the Seller – see “How Payments Work” for more. Once payment is made, the Seller is notified on Truzo and the order is recognised on the Marketplace. 

Alternatively, you can create an order MANUALLY, which will send a similar email link to the Buyer, prompting them to fund the transaction. Once they do, the above process is identical.


5) The Seller will proceed to deliver the order by the stipulated date. Once delivered, the Seller will click the “DELIVER” button on Truzo. 


6) The Buyer will have a pre-determined number of days to review the order (known as “inspection days”) per the initial order, and if necessary, request an exchange or refund (subject to the your store policies). They will notify you via the Marketplace Chat Box on your store page, by submitting an inquiry, or by adding a note to the order. 


7) If satisfied, the Buyer will approve the order by clicking the “RELEASE” button on Truzo. This will release payment (less the Marketplace platform fee) to you (the Seller). 


If the Buyer does not approve the order by the end of the inspection period, the order will be approved automatically and payment will be released to you from Truzo. In the instance that the Buyer rejects the product/service that you’ve delivered, that will indicate this to you through the platform’s messengers. They are also able to “DISPUTE” the transaction on Truzo (extending the inspection period) and you (the Seller) will be required to rectify the delivery within the terms agreed upon on placement of the order.


8) On completion of the order, the Buyer has the opportunity to submit a review of their purchase and your service as a Seller.