Sometimes, mistakes occur and the customer will request a refund. You (the Seller) are required to maintain your own store policy with respect to shipping, exchanges and refunds. Should you permit refunds, the Buyer is required to request a refund from you BEFORE the end of the inspection period and payment has been released to you from Truzo. 

Refund List: The refund tab will display any order that you’ve refunded. To do so, hover over the “action” buttons of an existing order (on the Order Tab) and click refund. That will add the order in question to your refund list and ensure that the order is not added to your store’s reports/performance records. 


1) The Buyer will contact you to cancel the order and indicate that they wish to cancel the order. They will provide a reason for this request. The Seller can also request a refund directly on Truzo, by DISPUTING the transaction. If your policy allows for refunds, and you agree to cancel/refund the order, proceed to step 2. 


2) Refund the transaction on your Store Manager (IMPORTANT). Unless you do this, your store will not deduct the order total from your sales numbers and your reports will be skewed.


3) Issue the refund on Truzo™️.

– Login to Truzo and select the transaction you wish to refund. 


– Click “Transaction History” -> “Transaction Status” and click DISPUTE TRANSACTION.


– Indicate the reason for the dispute, the required course of action = REFUND and then SUBMIT DISPUTE. 


– Both the buyer and the seller will be notified of request. 


3) The refund will be paid to the Buyer’s Truzo wallet. In accordance with our Terms & Conditions, the refund amount will be LESS the value of the Buyer Protection and Administration Fee of 3.40% (ex VAT).




In the event that you (the Seller) cancel the order after payment has been made, for reasons not owing to the Buyer – i.e. you’re out of stock, unable to deliver by the agreed deadline, or no longer willing/able to fulfil the order – you must follow the above process and the Buyer will be refunded the payment LESS the Payment Protection and Administration Fee of 3.40% (ex VAT)

HOWEVER, you (the Seller) are required to issue the Buyer a STORE CREDIT in the form of a unique coupon code, equal in value to the Payment Protection and Admin Fee deducted.