19. Declaration and informed consent

By using the getlion mobile application, users consent to the processing of their personal information as set out in this Agreement.


getlion will not, subject to the consent obtained, process a user’s personal information for any purpose other than as set out in this Agreement, without the user’s express consent.



Declaration by the user:


I declare that all personal information provided to getlion is accurate, up-to-date, is not misleading and that it is complete in all respects.


I furthermore give getlion permission to process my personal information, as provided above, and acknowledge that I understand the purpose(s) for which it is required and for which it will be used.


I declare that I have perused this agreement and consent thereof. By consenting, I have stated so in the form prescribed on the mobile application which confirms that I have read the terms provided in this Agreement herein.


For further information, contact:


(Name of Information Officer): Mathew Marsden

(Email): hello@getlion.co.za