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Refunds Policy

The following is a template for your store’s returns and refund policy, which must be edited for your business BEFORE you begin selling on You are liable for maintaining and fulfilling your own procedures in accordance with this policy document. Failure to do so may lead to suspension of your store on the Marketplace or a mandatory refund at your customer’s request. Please amend the highlighted sections where relevant, but DO NOT remove the items related to PROCESS. These will assist your customer in requesting an exchange or refund from your store. 


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In accordance with section 13 of GetLion’s terms and conditions,

We DO/DO NOT offer refunds on your purchase. 

Should your product be damaged on delivery, or you wish to change your size/variant, please contact us and we will be glad to assist with an exchange where possible. 

Refunds are only applicable in the following instances: 

  • For defective or damaged products.
  • For errors on our part that affect the quality of the product/service delivered to you. 
  • Where we have approved your order in error (for which you have made payment), but we are subsequently unable to deliver as required. 
  • Where you have requested an exchange for an approved reason, but we are unable to fulfill this due to limited stock or other reasons. 


All refund requests must be made before the end of the 72-hour period, commencing on confirmed delivery of your order. If you fail to indicate your intent to return or exchange your purchase within the period, payment for your order will be automatically and it then remains at our sole discretion to process your request outside of GetLion. If you would like to request a refund, please follow the process outlined below: 

1) On confirmation that your order has been delivered, select “Reject” on the GetLion order timeline. This will indicate your intent to cancel the order and be refunded. Please provide a reason for the request. We will respond to your refund request on the GetLion platform and if the request satisfies our refund policy and we agree to cancel the order – 

2) On approval of your request, we will choose to refund your order via the GetLion platform. 

3) If we are unable to approve your request, we contact you directly to provide reasoning for this. 

4) If approved, you will be contacted directly by GetLion’s support team to confirm and facilitate your request. GetLion endeavours to return your refund to your bank account within 72hours. In the event that we did receive payment and choose to approve a refund, we will do so direct to your bank account. The latter does not involve GetLion. 

2.2 COST

In the event that you require a refund for a faulty or product that was delivered, it remains YOUR/OUR responsibility (and cost) to return the item to us in its original packaging. 


In the event that WE cancel the order after you’ve made payment – for reasons not owing to you (the Buyer) – i.e. we are out of stock, unable to deliver by the agreed deadline, or no longer willing/able to fulfil your order. Then proceed to follow the above process. GetLion’s support team will endeavour to process the refund within 72 hours. We also reserve the option to offer you (the Buyer) with a STORE CREDIT in the form of a unique coupon code, equal in value to the price paid for your order.


If you have any questions concerning our return policy, please contact us via the inquiry or chat facility on our store page, or by updating the notes or order timeline of your order. 

We endeavour to respond to your request as soon as possible. 

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